In an effort to have viewers engage with a static object we designed an installation that is defined by impossible views. The piece is graphically camouflaged so that the shape is discovered by viewers as they move around the piece. The interior of the piece is an inversion of the exterior. While the exterior uses a disguise as camouflage, the interior uses a hyper version of its surroundings to confound a person with the environment. The piece acts as an irregular kaleidoscope of color and light to produce fractured images of views that are irregular and at best impossible.

The two structures are made of plywood panels zip-tied together. The geometry is completely held together by the zip ties. There is no frame and the triangulation not only provides an irregular surface, but also a stable combination of points for each piece to rest on.

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Elliot White, Carrie Mcknelly, Alex Singer-Bieder, Sean Madigan, Liz Kelsey 

Photos: Alan Tansey